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I'm a Grown Little Man. His 2011 tour, Laugh at My Pain (also the name of a subsequent documentary), grossed $15 million, making it one of the biggest tours of the year.


Early Life
Stand-Up Stardom
Film and Other Roles
Personal Life

"The jokes come from a real experience."

– Kevin Hart
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Early Life

Actor and comedian Kevin Hart was born on July 3, 1980, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The youngest of two boys, Hart was raised by his mother, Nancy, who took on the role of single parent as a result of her husband's chronic battles with cocaine and the law.

Throughout much of Kevin Hart's childhood, Henry Hart was in and out of jail, and rarely around. As a coping mechanism, the young Hart found humor to battle back the pain of his childhood. Henry has since cleaned up his life, and father and son have reconnected.

The experience of those tough years would later provide a source for much of Hart's comedy. "The jokes," he has said of his stand-up, "come from a real experience." As a boy, Hart was obsessed with stand-up comedy and comedians in general. He has listed Chris Tucker and J.B. Smoove as some important influences.

After graduating from high school, Hart moved to New York City, and later to Brockton, Massachusetts. But it was back in his hometown of Philadelphia, while working as a shoe salesman, that Hart's stand-up career began to blossom.

It was a rough start. For a time, Hart pounded the pavement at a variety of small comedy clubs, working under the stage name of Lil' Kev the Bastard. Few saw Hart, and few of those who did found him funny. "I was trying to be everybody," he once said. "I was so confused, I didn't know what to do."

Under the guidance of Keith Robinson, a veteran comedian who began to mentor the younger stand-up, Hart began performing under his own name and creating material drawn from real-life experiences. Success eventually followed. After winning several amateur stand-up performances, he began performing regularly in clubs around the country.

Stand-Up Stardom

Hart's comedy has been compared to the four "Kings of Comedy," incorporating elements of Steve Harvey, Cedric the Entertainer, D.L. Hughley and Bernie Mac.

As Hart's stand-up career began to take off, ABC handed the young comic his own sitcom, The Big House. Hart played himself on the show, a successful young man who is forced to leave his home in Hawaii and move in with some distant relatives Philadelphia after getting ensnared in an embezzlement scheme. The outlandish storyline never caught on with audiences, however, and was canceled after just six episodes.

Hart rebounded quickly. In 2006, he released his first stand-up album, I'm a Little Grown Man, which further cemented his status as one of comedy's best young performers. His second album, Seriously Funny, released four years later, proved to be even bigger.

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Current Events

Recently, Joker played a key role in Death of the Family, targeting each member of the Bat-family personally for his crusade to make Batman stronger, as he believes the family makes him weak. However from this encounter Joker has gone missing.


The Joker is Batman's arch-nemesis and his origin is shrouded in mystery. His skin and joker smile are commonly attributed to accidentally falling into a chemical bath while he was under the persona of Red Hood.


Originally created to be an evil court jester, the Joker was originally rejected as a villain for being too clownish. Jerry Robinson is the original creator of the Joker, he talks openly about this and did do the original concept sketch of the clown faced villain. His trademark Joker Card (Jerry Robinson also drew) has been featured in many Batman movies, comics and animations. The original drawing of the card has also been featured on display in many museums across America. Jerry was also the creative consultant for The Dark Knight movie which closely followed Jerry's stylings of the villain. Bob Kane unfortunately finagled many legalities early on about Batman and fellow characters which made him look like the sole creator. The creation has been argued but Bill Finger may also share credit (as reported by Bob Kane). He was modeled after Conrad Veidt after his performance as Gwynplaine in the Man Who Laughs. Originally, he was a mass murderer in his first dozen or so appearances. He was set to die in his second appearance, however, the editor (Mr. Whitney Ellsworth-who was the editor on many DC Flagship titles) at the time saw the potential of the character and opted for his survival. So one more hastily drawn panel was added to the very end of the page by Bob Kane that showed the Joker had survived. Were it not for Whitney The Joker would not be here today.

Character Evolution

Pick a Card
For his first appearance in Batman #1, the Joker was presented with no origin story, simply existing. Detective Comics #168 revealed that, before his transformation, the Joker was the criminal known as the Red Hood, later falling into a vat of chemicals, making him the Joker that everyone has known him to be.

Although there have been various efforts to create a single, established origin story, there has yet to be an official origin for the Joker. The most popular story, however, is in The Killing Joke, where he is referenced to have been an engineer at a chemical plant before quitting his job to pursue a career in stand-up comedy. His career change did not prove to be the correct choice, as he failed miserably. In desperate need to support his pregnant wife, Jeanine, he turned to a couple of criminals who planned to break into his previous place of work. The Red Hood persona is given to him, signifying him as the inside man of the operation and also seemingly making him the leader, who would take the fall in the event of the operation going wrong. In the middle of planning, the police call him, informing him that his wife and unborn child have died. Stricken with grief, he attempts to back out, but his hand is forced to continue the operation. When they arrive at the plant, however, security, had been increased unbeknown to him, are waiting for them; and, as the Red Hood runs away, the two other criminals were shot dead. Upon seeing the Batman, the Red Hood jumped over a rail, into a vat of chemicals. He washed up in a nearby waterway, where, upon the removal of his Red Hood, he saw his skin had turned chalk white, his hair green, and his lips ruby red. With this added to the previous misfortunes of his day, he had a psychotic breakdown, and as such the Joker was born. However it is suggested in The Killing Joke, by the Joker himself, that sometimes he remembers his past one way, sometimes another. This leaves the origins of the Joker, as ever, open to speculation.

In Batman: Gotham Knights 50-55 this version is supported as there was a witness, Edward Nigma, the Riddler, to the murder of the Joker's wife, who claimed that the criminals used this to force the engineer, in this version named Jack, into following through with the crime.

The latest, and by far longest origin story is "Batman: Lovers & Madmen" followed by "Batman: Dead to Rights," a compilation of several issues from the Batman Confidential series. This time around, the story is told from Batman's point of view and not the Joker's. There is nothing about him ever having a wife, a normal crime-free life, or ever having been the Red Hood. However this origin story does not contradict the heavy personality changes the Joker has been essentially revamped with.

Here Jack (no last name) is a perfectly sane but immoral gun-for-hire & bank robber with a few mental, emotional, & personality disorders, bored with the lack of challenge & excitement in his life, until Batman walks into it. He becomes obsessed with Batman and goes to violent extremes to get his attention, acting like a creepy romantic stalker.

In Dead to Rights, we learn how the Joker came to be in Arkham when found to be immoral & far too competent to be ruled as insane by a court of law; not too far off from " Joker: Devil's Advocate." It has yet to be seen whether the Batman Confidential series will retell Joker's crippling of Barbara Gordon.

Story Arcs

The Killing Joke

Paralyzing Barbara Gordon
In Alan Moore's The Killing Joke, The Joker paralyzed Barbara Gordon, Batgirl, by shooting her though the spine. He then kidnapped Commissioner James Gordon and put him on a broken roller coaster, showing him pictures of Barbara in various forms of undress, hoping to prove that any man can go insane after having one bad day. The Batman saved Gordon from the Joker's trauma. Although he put Gordon through a great deal of turmoil, Joker is brought in by the book to show him that Gordon and Batman's way will work. The Joker got taken in by Batman after sharing a joke with him. Batman actually laughed at a joke that The Joker told him at the end of this graphic novel.

The Death of Jason Todd

A Death In The Family
In the late 80's the Joker brutally murdered the second Robin, Jason Todd, who survived a crowbar attack, but not the explosion of the building that the Joker left him in. Batman was too late to save Jason this time. Batman considers this his greatest failure. Batman begins to search for Joker, finding him in a position of power as a diplomat. Eventually Joker attempts to flee from Batman and Superman for the attempted murder of several diplomats, by getting in a helicopter. A fight on board the helicopter made it crash into the ocean. Batman ordered for Superman to find the body, knowing full well that he wouldn't, because that's the way it always is between him and the Joker.

No Man's Land
The Joker once again killed an important member of the Batman Universe during the No Man's Land saga.

Gordon going to avenge the death of his wife
This time Sarah Essen Gordon, Jim Gordon's second wife. This was the second time the Joker had attacked a member of Gordon's family. He did frown, however, in the aftermath of killing Essen, who chose to save a building full of infants rather than taking her shot at the Joker. While he surrendered to the Batman, he taunted Gordon to the point of Gordon shooting him in the kneecap. The Joker lashed out that he may never get to walk again and then started to laugh, adding a punchline about Barbara Gordon, Jim's daughter. Jim had hoped to cripple him. While in transport, the Joker escaped to the country of Qurac. He became a part of the government and lead it on a downward path to war. He became a representative for the country in New York, and he threatened to blow up Manhattan. He was captured by the Birds of Prey, headed by Barbara Gordon, aka Oracle.

Emperor Joker
In a guest run in the Superman comics, the Joker stole technology belonging to Mr. Mxyzptlk which could distort reality. He depopulated China and killed Lex Luthor over and over again for his own personal entertainment. He also killed Batman every day in order to bring him back and do it over again. Superman was able to overcome this distorted reality with the help of the Spectre and a weakened Mxyzptlk, who warned that if the Joker was not stopped, this reality could become permanent. Eventually the Joker's plans were foiled, but he scarred Batman, due to the multiple deaths while part of the distorted reality.

Last Laugh
In a major crossover event, the Joker thought that he was dying and so planned a massive crime spree, to "go out with a bang". The Joker planed to use his Venom on the entire world. President Lex Luthor declared war on the Joker, who responded with plans to have Luthor killed. Black Canary found out that, with hopes making Joker feel what it was like to be the victim of a piratical joke, the Joker's doctor had changed his CAT Scan results in order to trick the Joker into believing that he had a fatal brain tumor. Harley Quinn betrayed the Joker by making an anti-venom for the heroes, after he tried to impregnate her without being married. After he believed Robin to have been killed as part of his plan, Nightwing beat the Joker to death. The Batman, however, revived the Joker.

After being caught at the scene of Thomas Elliot's murder, the Joker was nearly beaten to death by Batman, before Jim Gordon stopped him, because, in killing the Joker, he would become just like him.

Soft Targets
Joker begins a shooting spree with a high powered sniper rifle of where he murders the Mayor Dickerson and the Superintendent, all in order to force the city to stay inside during the Christmas holiday. He then turns himself into Gotham's Major Crimes unit, before revealing he's planted a bomb throughout the city, as a "Christmas present" for Batman, causing the M.C.U. to rush to save countless Christmas shoppers from death. Joker then begins a shooting spree in the major crimes unit, where he kills several detectives only to be shot multiple times by Maggie Sawyer, as his bomb goes off leveling a now evacuated toy store,with Joker recovering in the hospital laughing at the carnage.

Under The Hood
Jason Todd, The Second Robin, resurfaced after being thought dead for years at the hands of the Joker. He kidnapped the Joker and tried to get Batman to avenge his death by shooting him. Batman of course, did not.

Infinite Crisis
In the series Joker is the only villain on the planet not to join the the Secret Society, because of which he hunts down a cell of the Royal Flush Gang killing all the members, and questioning King as to why, following his answer of everyone knowing that Joker is too wild he murders him and walks away.Following the Battle for Metropolis,Joker is recruited by Lex Luthor to murder Alex Luthor, which he does in a empty Gotham alley.


The Joker's warning to Batman
In Batman #655 the Joker was shot in the face by a deranged police officer, leaving him disabled for a time. After going through intense plastic surgery and some physical therapy, the Joker appeared in Batman #663 with a completely new look. He had a permanent Glasgow smile on his face. While in intensive care he developed an even more lethal form of his Joker Venom, giving it to Harley Quinn to kill his former partners to signal a spiritual rebirth. He later went on a rampage through Arkham Asylum, going as far as trying to kill Harley Quinn as well, which would have been the punchline in his Rebirth. The Batman stopped him and through these events the Joker associated himself with the Black Glove.

Batman R.I.P.
When Batman visited him in his cell, asking for information about Black Glove, the Joker dealt Batman a Dead Man's Hand. While in therapy later, the Joker was contacted by the Club of Villains, inviting him into their game which was to end with the death of Batman. He joined them, knowing full well that Batman would survive their attempts at killing him, something he knows a lot about. He killed some of the Club's members before escaping in an ambulance. His ambulance was run off the road by the Batmobile.

Batman & Robin
It was been revealed that the Joker had been masquerading as a British detective and writer named Oberon Sexton, as well as the Domino Killer, who had been slaying members of the organization, The Black Glove.

While being interrogated by Batman, the Joker claimed that once he realized "his" Batman (Bruce Wayne) was gone, something snapped in him, and his persona went blank, there was no longer a Clown Prince of Crime. He claimed he wanted to help Batman with what was coming from Doctor Hurt, and the only way to gain Batman's trust was to act as Oberon Sexton. Before he could explain any further, Jim Gordon and the GCPD came, ending the Joker and Batman's conversation. Batman took Jim Gordon to the Batcave to discuss the current situation and left Robin, Damian Wayne with the GCPD and the Joker.

Robin hitting the Joker
With Batman gone, the Joker requested to speak with Robin. Robin went into the room where Joker remained handcuffed, and locked the door behind him. Robin told the Joker that he didn't believe him, and thought he was putting on an act. Joker began to break down and hysterically cry in front of Robin, claiming he wasn't always like this, he was made to be the monster he is. Still not giving into the Joker's emotional episode, Robin began to question Joker being a "force of chaos" and pointed out that everything with the Joker is a careful plan, as he pulled out a crowbar from under his cape. Listening to Robin's cynical remarks, Joker stopped crying and peered through his hand to tell Robin "you sound just like him" just before Robin began to mercilessly beat Joker with the crowbar, the same way Joker beat the second Robin, Jason Todd. Joker screamed in agony for help, the cops outside the door ignored Joker's pleas, leaving him with a vengeful Robin.

The Joker took the beating Damian was giving him with a smile, being that he's a sadomasochist and Damian wasn't buying his act. It turned out the Joker coated his finger nails with Joker Venom before being arrested. When Robin was exposed, he immediately became paralyzed with a familiar-looking grin on his face. Joker took the opportunity to pick up the fallen crowbar, and escape using devices from Robin's utility belt. He later talked Batman into attacking Dr. Hurt and Professor Pyg for him. After Pyg's men defeated Batman, it was revealed that the Joker had Damian tied up and gagged in his new hideout.

The Joker was hiding somewhere in the Batcave which he gained access to from the Wayne family graveyard. Joker sent Robin to deal with Pyg and Hurt's men. Robin is quickly subdued and just as Dr. Hurt was about to execute both Dick and Damian, Bruce came back to Gotham. A battle between Dr. Hurt's men and the caped crusaders eventually led to a showdown in the Batcave between Bruce and Hurt. After losing this battle Hurt attempted to flee the cave only to find a row of dominoes that led to the Joker, and a gun halfway between the two of them. Hurt sprang for the gun but slipped on a banana peel and was poisoned and buried alive by the Joker.

Skeleton Keys
As Gordon tries to draw a line between work and home, he gets a phone call from Harvey Bullock telling him to go to the Gotham City Aviary. When Gordon arrives, Bullock informs Jim that the aviary cages are all automated from the control room and there is some troubling video footage from the security cameras that Jim needs to see. Gordon sees the image of a man who resembles his son James Jr. . This troubling assumption begins to trouble Gordon and soon he becomes haunted by the visions of past unsolved case files that involved murdered children.

Fifteen years ago, Gordon was moving up the ranks within the precinct when he started investigating a string of eight murders that involved the Peter Pan Killer who would sneak into family homes and abduct children from their beds then murder them. Gordon apprehended the Peter Pan Killer when he attempted to abduct a young James Jr.

Now after 15 years, Gordon heads to Blackgate to interrogate the Peter Pan Killer before he was released from prison. Gordon wanted to find out why the killer didn’t go through with kidnapping James Jr. The killer reveals that he was going to kill Gordon Jr. rather than abducting him because James Jr. gave the killer an ominous stare when he entered the boy’s room. The killer also reveals that he murdered a young girl who was friends with Oracle before he visited Gordon’s apartment.

This revelation causes Gordon wonder about his son’s innocence and what exactly happened to the young girl. Oracle has always been under the assumption that James Jr. murdered her friend Bess because she saw James Jr. playing with her friend’s apartment keys with smug look on his face. Gordon has heard this story from Babs before but now he doubts if Babs’ story is actually true. There is a possibility that the killer took the young girl’s keys and dropped them at the Gordon’s apartment by accident. After his conversation with the Peter Pan Killer, Gordon threatens the killer that he will be followed at all times in order to prevent another murder.

Later on that same day, Gordon invites Oracle for some coffee at Bay Diner and talks to her about his findings. Jim tells Barbara that her brother, James Jr., is back in Gotham City. Barbara asks her father if he really thinks it's him coming back, and Jim replies yes. As they continue their talk, Barbara reminds her father that Jim Jr. is really smart and cunning. Jim tells her that it's going to be all right and that they've got police officers looking out for him. Oracle still sticks by her story and she leaves her father with lingering doubts but then James Jr. appears from other side of the diner, staring at his father. James Jr. sits down with his father and explains his return to Gotham. James Jr. begins by apologizing to his father for the theatrics at the aviary. James tells the commissioner that his mother (Barbara Sr.) sent him to Arkham for a psychological evaluation and the doctors clinically diagnosed him as mentally unstable in regards to exhibiting apathetic behavior. However, the doctors prescribed an experimental medicine to help James in stabilizing his emotional imbalance.

James also overheard Oracle's convictions about him and he swears to his father that he has never killed anybody. Gordon still doesn't know what to think about his son until James informs him about his volunteer work at Dr. Thompkins' clinic. James Jr. leaves the cafe and asks that his father will hopefully find it in his heart to forgive him. For a while, Gordon feels this extreme sense of relief that his son is misunderstood but he is changing for the better. When Gordon reaches his apartment, he finds a trail of blood. Gordon follows the trail to James Jr.'s old room. The trail ends in James' closet. Gordon opens the door and finds the body of a schoolyard bully that James Jr. fell victim to when he was young.

It seems everyone was right about James Jr. even though Gordon tried to give him the benefit of the doubt. Gordon immediately goes to the clinic and finds Dr. Thompkins. Gordon confronts Leslie by demanding to know where his son is. Leslie informs Gordon that his son is a model volunteer because anything she asks him to do, he "happily" does. Over time, Leslie has given James Jr. more responsibilities like making "nutrition runs" for newborn babies who come from poor families. Gordon doesn't want to panic Leslie by telling her what he had found at his apartment so he humbly asks her to call him the moment James comes in for his shift. Leslie agrees to Gordon's request and she tries to calm his worries by showing him James' office.

Leslie flips on the lights in James' office and gives Gordon a tour. As Leslie professes how great James is, Gordon on the other hand, can't believe that Leslie would be so naive to willingly put her full trust in someone like James. Gordon peers around the office and finds a vile of James' medicine. The medicine is called Diaxemene which is designed to release a chemical in the brain so the patient can feel empathy. Gordon takes a pill from the vile, thanks Leslie for the tour and makes his way to Barbara's place at Kord Tower.

Gordon gives Barbara the pill that he took from James' office and asks her to run a couple of tests. Barbara knew something was going on with James but she didn't want to rub in her father's face because she could see that Gordon still wanted to hold onto any hope of saving his son. Barbara figures the medicine is supposed to help James in treating or possibly curing his psychotic tendencies but Diaxemene is still in the testing phases and hasn't been approved by the FDA. Gordon is hoping he can convince James to undergo some blood work in order to make sure that he has been taking his pills.

Gordon leaves Barbara to her work while he heads back to the clinic. Barbara breaks down the pill's components and she makes a startling discovery. James has reversed the effect of the pill and now the pill is designed to chemically induce apathy rather than empathy in a certain section of the brain. However, the dosage of James' pill is of such low grade that it wouldn't affect an adult. Barbara relays all of her findings to Gordon's cell phone. Gordon can't understand why James would concoct a pill with such a low dosage then it hits him. Leslie made James responsible for the "nutrition runs" at her clinic. James has been putting his pills in the baby formula and giving it to all the newborns thereby ensuring their development into becoming psychopaths.

Just as Gordon reached the clinic, he is stopped by Det. Bullock who has some really bad news. Bullock says the Joker has escaped Arkham and something horrible has happened to Gordon's ex-wife. Gordon acts quickly by warning Leslie about James then he calls in a small task force to station themselves at the clinic and wait for James to return. Gordon must put the hunt for his deranged son in the hands of his brothers in blue while he accompanies Bullock. Bullock tells Gordon that he received an anonymous phone call from someone who said Barbara Gordon is going to die at the Gotham Plaza Hotel. Gordon and Bullock reach the hotel room where Barbara was staying at and as Gordon entered, he notices a light coming from the bathroom. Gordon falls to his knees in tears because he has found his beloved ex-wife nude in the bath tub with a crimson smile across her face.

Gordon rushes Barbara to the lab at Wayne Enterprises while Bullock calls in Oracle and tells her what has just happened. Oracle reacts by calling Dick and having him meet her father at the lab. Oracle runs a few tests on her mother while Dick injects the anti-Joker Venom. Fortunately, Gordon got to Barbara just in time to save her and the Joker Venom was a derivative of the original. Gordon at this point wants Joker's head on a pike for all the misery he has brought to the Gordons but Dick convinces Gordon that there is no way the Joker could have escaped Arkham and found out where Barbara was so quickly. Dick promises Gordon that he will find Joker and make him talk.

Dick heads to Arkham and conducts a complete sweep of the crime scene. From what Dick could deduce, Joker didn't get very far from Arkham because Dick begins follow a trail of Joker's sweat which seems to be secreting Joker Venom. Dick follows the trail to an abandoned section of Arkham. At this point, Dick figures that Joker must have discovered Victor Zsasz's underground path which leads to the catacombs beneath Arkham. Zsasz used this path to escape Arkham so he could freely kill anyone he wanted in Gotham then he would make his way back to Arkham as if he had never escaped at all.

Dick finds Joker in a dank corner of the catacombs. He notices Joker mumbling to himself about being disappointed. Dick apprehends Joker and begins to interrogate him. Joker starts off by complaining about the fact that Dick isn't the real Batman by saying "You don't scare me little bird” and he isn't saying a word until the real Batman returns. Dick decides to beat down on the Joker until he reveals who he hired to attack Barbara Gordon. Joker laughs hysterically because according to him, the real Batman would have figured out that the Joker does his own dirty work and he would never send some errand boy to take credit for his fun. Dick finally realizes that the Joker was able to escape simply because someone needed him to be the scapegoat for the attack on Barbara Gordon and they were counting on Commissioner Gordon to retaliate by ending the Joker once and for all.

Back at the lab, Gordon sat by Barbara's side as Bullock escorted Oracle back to her apartment. Barbara eventually wakes up and when she laid her eyes on Gordon, she immediately began to scream for help. A doctor comes rushing and injects a sedative into Barbara. Gordon finally realizes that James injected the Joker Venom into his mother as a way to get back at her for institutionalizing him while at the same time he wanted Gordon to think the Joker was responsible for the attack on Barbara in order to bait him into killing the Joker. If Gordon knows how calculating his son can be then he would guess that James has already realized his plan to manipulate everything is falling apart which leaves only one person left for him to torture...Oracle.

Bullock drops Oracle off at her apartment doorstep and just as she entered her apartment, James closes the door right behind her. James and Oracle enter a discussion about on how depraved he is. James respects Oracle because she is the only one who can see him for what he is. Barbara replies to his compliment with a scoff. Oracle always knew James was disturbed and most of those people that he has already killed were actually victims rather people who had it coming. In short, Oracle realizes that James tries to find flaws or start something with another person just so he can justify as well as satisfy his violent tendencies. James smiles and his respect for Oracle's deduction has reached new lengths.

Faces of Death

Joker Face off
Following the events of Flashpoint, moments of Joker's history may have been altered, but the personality of the Joker has not changed in the new 52.

In Detective Comics #1 we see him as the main suspect in several murders in Gotham, he use a black shirt, and at the end of this comic, we see that his face was cut off by the dollmaker.

Death of the Family
The Joker returns to Gotham to take down the Batman family. He first goes to the Gotham City Police headquarters in order to take back his face. During his time there, he kills many of the police officers present at the time, and then disappears. He then heads to Wayne Manor, where he kidnaps Alfred.

The Joker meets with Batman at the Gotham Reservoir, where he reveals that he knows the secret identities of everyone in the Batman family, and that he will be coming after them all.

In the tie ins to the arc, he Joker continues his attack on the Bat family by kidnapping Barbara Gordon's mother, later proposing to her when she comes to rescue her. The Joker will be targeting all the Batman Family in this series and it will be a battle to the end of the Joker. Batman and the Batman Family will defeat him and find Alfred to save him and end the Joker madness once and for all.

Zero Year

The story in Batman travels back to his beginning in Zero Year showcasing a young Bruce going up against the Red Hood Gang. The Joker is the leader of this group and at this time is before his transformation to the villain that we know today. Joker is seen as murderous, psychotic and intelligent even before his transformation and is from time to time being stopped by Bruce on numerous crimes that he and his gang are committing. Recently, him and the red hood gang hijacked a blimp that the Falcone's were on but before they could carry on with there plans Bruce, disguised as Penguin, attacks him. Joker realizes that it is the vigilante that has been interfering with them recently and actually offers him a to join there team as a Red Hood. One of the Red Hoods calls Joker crazy, the Joker without hesitation shoots him and says that there is now a space on the team. Bruce declines and fights them, however Joker pulls out from a box stolen Wayne industries technology that he has modified and tries to shoot him but instead one of the Red Hoods gets in the in the way. This leads Bruce to escape from the Blimp.

Character Evolution

Golden Age

Golden Age
The Joker was a straightforward homicidal maniac killing more than 3 dozen people in his first run in the Batman series. In his first appearance, he left his victims with smiles on their faces after their deaths, something that has become a trademark for the character throughout his many years in publication. In his first appearance, the Joker challenged both the police department as well as Batman when he threatened to kill three people.

The Joker trapped Robin, Dick Grayson, and was prepared to kill him until the Batman showed up and stopped him. This story would be retold in 2005's Batman: The Man Who Laughs.

In "The Joker Walks His Last Mile" Joker is sentenced to the electric chair. He escaped by faking his own death and when captured later on he could not be electrocuted due to the Double Jeopardy law. The Joker pretended to be a good citizen but soon fell into his old habits.

In his last appearance in Earth-Two Continuity, Bruce Wayne was revealed to be The Batman, and recently died. The Joker refused to believe this and began to destroy Gotham City hoping that Batman simply retired. Dick Grayson impersonated the Batman long enough for Joker to be taken into custody.

Silver Age

Due to the Comics Code Authority Censorship Board in the 50's and 60's, DC was forced to make the Joker a seemingly harmless nuisance. In 1964, with a new editor heading the series the Joker was hardly ever seen. The main thing to take away from the Silver Age Joker is his appearance as Red Hood before becoming the Joker. There has never been a distinct break in where the Golden Age Joker ended and the Silver Age Joker began.

There would be profound revisions of the Joker in the early 70's by Dennis O'Neil and Neal Adams. In Batman #251 the Joker returned to his homicidal roots and enjoyed matching wits with the Batman.

In the Detective Comics run of 471 - 476 the Joker would further be reformed leading to his characterization in 1989's Batman and the 1990's cartoon series Batman: The Animated Series.

Harley Quinn

Off Again
Dr. Harleen Quinzel was a doctor at Arkham Asylum, very much interested in the criminally insane. As she worked, the Clown Prince of Crime researched her name which intrigued his mad mind. As he put it, “It’s a name that puts a smile on my face!” He lures Harley into his fiendish trap by telling her stories of an abusive father, runaway mother and overall an awful childhood. After spending time with the Joker she falls madly in love and runs off to a costume shop where she steals a Harlequin costume and other accessories which allow her to free the Joker from his padded cell. Finding herself obsessed to the point of insanity, Dr. Quinzel, once a brilliant psychologist, is now a villainous side-kick named Harley Quinn. She often refers to the Joker as "Puddin'." Since then, they have an on and off relationship that makes people speculate that Harley is the Joker´s only love besides Batman (and himself).

Batman Confidential suggests that they met in a bar before he became the Joker. She also claimed to be the Joker’s girlfriend until he tried to kill her in Batman #663 and later told the Riddler that she and the Joker were through. The Joker is not really interested in her, and he tried to replace her as a henchgirl in Joker's Millions. The "break up" had happened when Joker had attempted to kill all of his old allies and pawns Harley believed she was involved in the Joker's plans only to realize he attempted to kill her last in front of Batman to prove he is transformed.


Gender: Male
Height: 6'0" - 6'4" (depending on writer)
Weight: 160 lbs (73 kg)
Hair: Green
Eyes: Green
Unusual Physical Characteristics: The Joker's facial nerves are paralyzed, which makes him appear as if he is perpetually grinning, an expression called a "rictus grin." His green hair and nails, his rouge-red lips, and his chalk-white skin are all directly due to chemical exposure. The Joker's face is also damaged from massive scarring in the shape of a hideous smile.

Comedy Jokes Jokes In Punjabi Santa Banta For Facebook Language With Funny And Urdu Language For Facebook Photos Images Wallpapers

Comedy Jokes Jokes In Punjabi Santa Banta For Facebook Language With Funny And Urdu Language For Facebook Photos Images Wallpapers

Comedy Jokes Jokes In Punjabi Santa Banta For Facebook Language With Funny And Urdu Language For Facebook Photos Images Wallpapers

Comedy Jokes Jokes In Punjabi Santa Banta For Facebook Language With Funny And Urdu Language For Facebook Photos Images Wallpapers

Comedy Jokes Jokes In Punjabi Santa Banta For Facebook Language With Funny And Urdu Language For Facebook Photos Images Wallpapers

Comedy Jokes Jokes In Punjabi Santa Banta For Facebook Language With Funny And Urdu Language For Facebook Photos Images Wallpapers

Comedy Jokes Jokes In Punjabi Santa Banta For Facebook Language With Funny And Urdu Language For Facebook Photos Images Wallpapers

Comedy Jokes Jokes In Punjabi Santa Banta For Facebook Language With Funny And Urdu Language For Facebook Photos Images Wallpapers

Comedy Jokes Jokes In Punjabi Santa Banta For Facebook Language With Funny And Urdu Language For Facebook Photos Images Wallpapers

Comedy Jokes Jokes In Punjabi Santa Banta For Facebook Language With Funny And Urdu Language For Facebook Photos Images Wallpapers

Comedy Jokes Jokes In Punjabi Santa Banta For Facebook Language With Funny And Urdu Language For Facebook Photos Images Wallpapers

Comedy Jokes Jokes In Punjabi Santa Banta For Facebook Language With Funny And Urdu Language For Facebook Photos Images Wallpapers

Comedy Jokes Jokes In Punjabi Santa Banta For Facebook Language With Funny And Urdu Language For Facebook Photos Images Wallpapers

Comedy Jokes Jokes In Punjabi Santa Banta For Facebook Language With Funny And Urdu Language For Facebook Photos Images Wallpapers

Comedy Jokes Jokes In Punjabi Santa Banta For Facebook Language With Funny And Urdu Language For Facebook Photos Images Wallpapers

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